Developmental Editing

“Can you read something for me?” 

Education authors frequently turn to friends, loved ones, or beta readers from a writing group for feedback and too often find what they receive doesn’t hit the mark. In many cases, it’s because the authors weren’t sure what type of editorial support they wanted and didn’t ask for the right kind of feedback. In others, it’s because giving good feedback can be tough. With more than 20 years of practice with crafting feedback for teachers and educators, you can be confident I’ll get you what you need to move forward. (The books featured above, and in this post, are some examples of the texts that have informed the type and quality of feedback you’ll get.)

Before beginning any project, I’ll work with you to determine the focus for the services you want, articulate the questions you need answered, and determine a schedule that allows for reflection and revising.

I can:

  • give general feedback on your idea, outline, book cover, or title;
  • attend to the match between your writing goals and your text;
  • confirm your manuscript or article matches submission requirements;
  • put on my “close reading” hat and offer feedback that reflects a reader’s perspective;
  • offer a critical read of your text that attends to matters of race, gender, or politics; and/or
  • do a detailed line item review for grammar, voice or clarity based upon an agreed upon style sheet.


I do not provide copyediting services but would be happy to connect you with some of the fantastic copyeditors I’ve worked with in the past!

If you’re looking for company while you write, I also host and coordinate virtual writing groups for those working on books, articles, video transcripts, or other texts that focus on schools, teachers, teaching and learning, and teacher education. Based on the participating authors’ needs, we may use peer preview protocols, blinded manuscript feedback, quick writes, word count goals, or just sit together virtually while we all write. Reach out if this is something you’re interested in


feedback testimonials 

Jennifer’s feedback is targeted and has often included questions and suggestions I had not considered. The way she framed the feedback did not undermine my own work. She enabled me to see how my work influenced someone’s thinking and interpretations.

Dr. Giselle O. Martin-Kniep

President, Learner-Centered Initiatives, Ltd.

Jennifer’s feedback always offers a fresh perspective. It is clear, specific and often contextualized by research. She is masterful at probing assumptions and biases that push one’s thinking.

Dr. Diane Cunningham

Diane Cunningham Consulting

I’ve turned to Jennifer countless times for critical feedback on important projects. Her feedback is finely nuanced, sensitive to cultural and racial histories, and delivered without a hint of judgment. This is why I wanted her feedback first as I completed the draft of my most recent book. I knew she would ask me the questions that others might not, and I knew that she would ask them in a way that would not only elevate my work but my consciousness as well. Most importantly, I knew that she would approach each exchange with kindness and clarity in equal measure. Jennifer is a skilled facilitator of learning who offers her clients mirrors rather than applying her own eraser. This is everything.

Angela Stockman

Author, Teacher, Professional Learning Service Provider


We work to make sure the feedback you receive is clear, manageable, and aligned to your goals as an author.

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