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Everything has a history

Everything about, connected to, inside, outside, and concerning American education has its own history. The school bus has its own history. Summer vacation has its own history. Loose leaf paper and lockers have their own histories. Teacher pensions, paternal leave, and school bathrooms. That education topic you’re writing about? It has a history.

Knowing the history around the topic you’re writing about can help you be a better, stronger, clearer writer. Including the history in your text can help your reader better contextualize modern implications for your topic. We can:

  • provide you a summary of the history or research around your topic for your own benefit,
  • review your manuscript and make recommendations for contextualizing the topic for readers,
  • prepare an annotated bibliography and reading list based on your writing goals.

We can also assist authors with policy or general research topics.

Historical Research Examples


Historical Connection
During the Colonial Era in the United States, young people who received a secular formal education generally experienced a Classical Liberal Arts curriculum. This meant they primarily studied Latin and Greek, math, and some sciences. It wouldn’t be until well into the 1800s that the slow, disparate shift to the Modern Liberal Arts curriculum began. In effect, this means every subject area has its own history and every generation of education authors has added to that history. Knowing the century-long battles around reading instruction can help authors writing today contextualize the modern “Reading Instruction.” Math educators looking to advise teachers on math pedagogy or curriculum can gain insight from past attempts at course correction, like the “New Math” movement in the 1960s. Regardless of your subject, we’re happy to contextualize the history that led us to where we are today.

Classroom Management

Historical Connection
The history of how a single adult can or should create a community of learners consisting of a group of unrelated children of approximately the same age has been a long-debated topic. Understanding historical false starts, the political nature of soft and hard gender, race, and disability segregation, the history of the feminization of the profession, or the legal history related to pedagogy can help an author understand the context behind and around their book. The relevant history for any given text on classroom culture or management in the modern era depends on the author’s approach and we’ll work with you to ensure you best understand the useful and relevant content.

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Our professional research services will help you better understand the history so that your readers can better understand your topic.

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