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Editorial, research, and fact-checking support for education authors and publishers.


Developmental Editing

High-quality feedback is essential to every part of the writing process.

I help you move forward, regardless of where you are in the writing process.



Fact-checking for education texts has a different look and approach than fact-checking in other fields.

I source quotes, check citations, and confirm your manuscript reflects accurate, up-to-date research.

Historical Research

Education history helps authors and their readers contextualize current topics.

I provide topic briefs or supplemental research.

Why work with Schoolmarm Advisors?


Your needs will inform every step of our work together.


I will work with you to ensure you have the feedback or research you need, when you need it.


20+ years of teaching, writing, and professional development experience means I know education.


I work with authors in all stages of the writing process and honor your goals and individual needs.

Regardless of how you interpret the term “schoolmarm,” Jennifer ensures that your research is representative of someone who is knowledgeable and well informed. She meticulously unpacks my writing ensuring clarity in the conveyance of a piece’s purpose. I can trust her depth of historical knowledge in fact-checking topics I might have reservations about. You are in capable, competent hands with the Schoolmarm team.

Dr. Reshma Ramkellawan-Arteaga

Education Consultant

I was writing an article about teaching English Language Learners, and trying to figure out how to incorporate talking about research in an accurate and accessible way. I was doing neither in my draft.  Jennifer was a huge help in “turning the tide” and fixing it so the article was ready for publication.  It has since become a very influential piece in helping educators identify effective instructional strategies for ELLs, due in no small part to Jennifer’s assistance.

Larry Ferlazzo

Classroom Teacher and Author

Education history 101

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