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ESSA: Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, which shifted some educational control to the states.
MLTS: Most Likely to Succeed, a documentary directed by the acclaimed Greg Whiteley...
NAEP: National Assessment of Educational Progress, the self-proclaimed national report card...
NCLB: No Child Left Behind Act of 2002, which escalated the standardized testing in our schools.
RTTT: Race to the Top, a Federal initiative launched in 2009 to hold schools and teachers accountable to NCLB tests

Fact Check

None of these definitions contain statements that are technically untrue. They're a tad heavy-handed to be sure, but the greater challenge lies in the author's intent. Due to the 10th Amendment, education is a matter left up to the states, which means the federal government has limited control. So, it's difficult to know what the goal of saying ESSA shifted control to the states. And while NCLB did formalize large-scale standardized testing in schools, multiple states already had testing structures in place prior to the law. The definition of RTTT is perhaps the most confusing as it was a grant program. States could choose to apply and some did, many didn't. Granted, states were facing a massive funding gap due to the recession which forced their hand... but the brief provided definition doesn't contextualize any of that.

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