Quote from the Text

Way back. To 1893, when education leaders anticipated that the U.S. economy would shift from agrarian to industrial. Farsightedly, they formed a Committee of Ten and proceeded to transform education from one-room schoolhouses to a standardized factory model. (page 4)

Fact Check

This sentence appears to be referring to The National Education Association of the United States Committee on Secondary School Studies. The idea for the work began at an NEA conference 1891. The Committees were formed and began their research in 1892. The preliminary reports from the various subcommittees were compiled and printed in 1893. The final report was published in 1894. In the introductory letter to the final report, they establish the goal of their work was to understand current practices in high schools in order to move towards a more "uniform" approach to secondary school studies (basically, the high school curriculum.) The only discussion of the U.S. economy in the final report is in the section on teaching economics as a component of history.

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