Other podcast hosts have graciously allowed me to come on and talk about things I’m passionate about. They include:

Human Restoration Project S2, E17: Is the factory model a myth?

Visions of Education E46: Women in Education History

Ask Historians E121: Education of America with EdHistory 101

Ed: Conversations about the Teacher Life: E56: Changing the Narrative

Empowerment Starts Here: E44: Case of the Awkward White Feminist

Truth for Teachers: E153: Why teachers are historically overworked & undervalued (and how to disrupt the pattern)

The Planning Period Podcast: E85: Sitting with Discomfort

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 193: Myths We Use To Improve Education

Modern Learners Factory Narrative of Schools

Cult of Pedagogy Standardized Tests Aren’t Going Anywhere. So What Do We Do?

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