Quote from the Text

“Franklin’s great-grandson, Alexander Dallas Bache became the leading American proponent of Prussianism in 1839. After a European school inspection tour lasting several years, his Report on Education in Europe, promoted heavily by Quakers, devoted hundreds of pages to glowing description of Pestalozzian method and to the German gymnasium.”

An Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto, p. 167

Fact Check

The table of contents of Bache’s book lists that he went to half a dozen countries, dozens of schools and hospitals, and included a long list of names and documents in the appendix. Rather than "hundreds of pages," there are a handful of sentences on the German gymnasium. Regarding Pestalozzi, Bache wrote on page 87: “Pestalozzi’s writing method is too well known to need remark; in general it applies better to the formation of the German written letters than to ours.”

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