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Early into my research around the identities of all members of the New York State Board of Regents since 1904, I came across a salary table in a New York State Education Commissioner’s field report from the 1860s detailing teachers’ summer salaries. I felt my brain hiccup as it was my understanding schools in NYS were closed in the summer so young people could work on the farm.

One read through of School’s In: The History of Summer Education in American Public Schools by Kenneth Mark Gold (2002) and I understood how wrong my understanding was. While sharing my new learning with my husband I said something to the effect of “This is Education History 101 stuff! How come I didn’t know this?” And the podcast was born. (We get into summer vacation in this episode.)

I created the EdHistory101 Twitter account where I share tweets and stories related to American education history and carried the name over to Reddit, where I’m a moderator on Ask Historians. The blog includes my pieces on education history in New York State, summaries of the Wikipedia articles I’ve edited or created, essays where I fact check education history in popular education books, and my thinking and wondering on various education topics such as assessment and standards.

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A response to Michael Petrilli

So Michael Petrilli wrote about IUDs. I’m a big fan of  IUDs. They’re the reason I’m a non-parental taxpaying educator. And after reading Petrilli’s post, I have a request: Sir. Please stop talking about birth control and teenage pregnancy. I understand you have good...

We Kept Talking

Like many, the news of Joe Bower's passing stopped me short. On one level, it was the dead-center heart hit and reminder of how short life can be, even for those who are seemingly young and healthy. On the other, it was of loss for a type of discourse that used to...

Adventures in Gender-Specific Language

My mother once called me from Chicago to ask, "What's another word for manhole?" No introduction, no context, just the question. I offered "utility cover" and we both hemmed and hawed as it was a replacement but not the same. She pulled the phone about a millimeter...

To fail or not to fail

There's a compelling challenge around the word "fail" and all it's derivatives. If we accept the truth that the words that we use shape our reality, it becomes especially troublesome given the current climate. On one hand, we've got the idea behind makerspaces,...

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