Gender and American Education


Gender and American Education

Making it Count

It's International Women's Day. It's a fantastic way to count - to take stock - of issues related to women around the world. Which opens all sorts of interesting tensions in the world of education around women, power, and who counts. I embrace the idea that there's no...

Overconfident Men*

Overconfident Men*

I put down a bunch of words about gender and race over at Identity, Education, and Power and got to join and have lots of really interesting and challenging conversations. I'm hoping they continue in all sorts of spaces. The upside of writing the piece is that I got...

No True Scotswoman

A kindergarten teacher wrote a thing. There are a couple of ways of reading the thing she wrote. A. She's a new teacher*, trying to make the best of a situation. B. She's been bought off to so the website can claim a teacher byline. C. She's a disgrace to the...

A response to Michael Petrilli

So Michael Petrilli wrote about IUDs. I’m a big fan of  IUDs. They’re the reason I’m a non-parental taxpaying educator. And after reading Petrilli’s post, I have a request: Sir. Please stop talking about birth control and teenage pregnancy. I understand you have good...

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